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To become an authorized dealer you must complete the contact form at the bottom of this page

Firearms Retailers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a FC Tactical Authorized Dealer. To be eligible for enrollment in the program, your business must be a licensed retail operation. Your business must also be registered to collect any applicable sales taxes and possess a current and valid Federal Firearms License (FFL).

As an FC Tactical Authorized Dealer, you identify your dealership as a legitimate retail business adhering to all local, state and federal laws. FC Tactical Authorized Dealers are eligible to receive a number of exclusive benefits including:

FC Tactical may at any time change or discontinue any dealer benefits. To become an authorized dealer you must complete the Contact Form and an FC Tactical Gear representative will call you to complete application process.

New Account Requirements

$2,500 opening order minimum

First order must be prepaid or by COD Secured Payment (Cashier’s Check / Money Order).

Credit card orders subject to 3% transaction fee.

FC Tactical Dealer Code of Responsible Business Practices

As an Authorized Dealer of FC Tactical products, I recognize that the sale and distribution of firearms is a significant and important undertaking for both my business and the community. As a FC Tactical Authorized Dealer, I accept the responsibilities and obligations delineated by law and by virtue of my relationship with FC Tactical.

I pledge and agree to the following: 

  • I will maintain a store or other premises, which will serve as a principal place of business for the time that I am a FC Tactical Authorized Dealer. 

  • As part of this application, I will provide to FC Tactical the following:  

             1. Retail tax certificate (or equivalent)  

             2. Valid signed Federal Firearms License (FFL) 

  • The retail sale and distribution of firearms is regulated by numerous federal, state and local laws/regulations. As a retailer of firearms, I will be familiar with and comply with all laws. 

  • I will employ trained and competent personnel who will adhere to all laws and requirements which relate to the sale and distribution of firearms. 

  • I will not sell or advertise new FC Tactical products through {Shotgun News, Gun List, Gunbroker.com, Gunsamerica.com} or other similar publications. 

  • All new FC Tactical firearms will be sold with a locking device and all applicable safety and instruction manuals as provided by FC Tactical. 

  • I will not make a sale of a firearm without completing all required federal, state and local applications and forms, satisfying all legal requirements. 

  • I will verify, as required by law, all information for the completion of the sale of a firearm. I will not knowingly sell a firearm to anyone who cannot produce proof of identity, age and residence. I will not knowingly sell a firearm to an individual not authorized by law to own one. 

  • I will not make any sale in which I have reason to believe false or misleading statements have been made with respect to the actual purchaser of the firearm. I will not knowingly sell firearms to “straw purchasers”, i.e., persons who illegally purchase a firearm for another. 

  • I will not knowingly buy or sell stolen firearms. 

  • I will not knowingly sell a firearm to any person if the person’s purchase or possession would be in violation of any law or regulation applicable at the place of sale or delivery. 

  • I will maintain all records required by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, as well as all other records required under applicable federal, state and local laws which relate to the sale and distribution of firearms and I will cooperate with law enforcement officials when requested to provide information relating to those records. 

FC Tactical may at any time change or discontinue its Authorized Dealer program, and the benefits available to any dealer. 

FC Tactical may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the Authorized Dealer status of any dealer in the event a claim is brought by a government or law enforcement agency in which the business or distribution practices of the Authorized Dealer are called into question.

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