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Our Tactical Pump-Action Shotgun is an ultra-reliable, nearly indestructible defense tool that can be used for a home defense shotgun, a tactical shotgun, or for bear protection in the backcountry. The full pistol grip stock allows user better 1-hand control of the weapon when using the off hand to open doors or clear brush from one’s view. A shim kit enables adjustment of drop and cast. A short barrel with a fixed, cylinder choke are ideal for fast work at close range.  All metal parts have a non-glare, anti-corrosive finish. The polymer forearm pushes a rotary-head bolt back with dual-action bars. Aggressive ribbing on a contour-tapered forearm provides a secure hold while cycling the action under any circumstances. A magazine disconnect button on the bottom of the forearm allows user to quickly unload the chamber without releasing another round from the magazine to quickly load another round via the ejection port.


  • Action: Pump

  • Chamber: 2 3/4″ & 3″

  • Barrel Length: 18.5″

  • Hand: Right

  • Pistol Grip/Ghost Ring Sights

  • Round Capacity: 4 + 1

  • Gun Weight 7.6 lbs.


  • Front & back sight

  • Tactical pistol grip or traditional stock

  • Top picatinny rail

  • forearm bottom picatinny rail to allow for mounting vertical hand grips

  • Side picatinny rails to allow for mounting laser or flashlight

This firearm includes a 1-year Limited warranty.


When you receive your shotgun there will be oil on it, this is factory manufacturing oil and not a true gun oil. We recommend cleaning the shotgun and applying a reputable gun oil. We then recommend that you put 50 rounds of heavy, high brass shotgun ammunition through your gun for the break in period. This will ensure your shotgun is working smoothly and will cycle all kinds of loads from light to heavy.

Recommended Ammunition:

  • Use only commercial grade ammunition in its original packaging that corresponds with the caliber of the gun. The correct caliber is imprinted on the gun.

  • Never use reloaded, “refurbished”, hand-loaded or non standard ammunition of a different caliber.

  • Never use dirty, wet, corroded, bent, damaged or oiled ammunition.

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust a semi-automatic gun to all available loads.

*We highly advise against using Steel cased ammo due to excessive wear and tear from steel and lacquer coated rounds can cause premature carbon buildup and stoppages.

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